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A Brief of Introduction
東海大學研究發展處 THU Office of Research&Development
A Brief of Introduction


Like its educational goal, Tunghai values and places an equal emphasis on teaching and research. Teachers conduct research and utilize the research findings and results in their teaching. Also, since the development of the industries are driven by technology developments, how to increase the number of industry/ university cooperative research projects will be a key factor faced by today’s higher education institutions. Tunghai’s teachers mainly conduct their research through conducting research grants and presenting and publishing research findings. Also, teachers participate in industry/ university cooperative projects. Furthermore, teachers are members of international academic institutions and participated in international academic exchanges with Tunghai’s sister schools. To support teachers to conduct their research and increase the research quality in Tunghai, the university has upgraded research facilities and increased its interactions with various industries.


Tunghai has established various research award guidelines to encourage teachers to conduct research, present and publish their research findings and to host and participate academic conferences. By providing research awards and subsidies for hosting conferences, teachers could conduct research that are related to their teaching and update their teaching with their latest research findings. In addition, the university has upgraded resources such as books, databases, equipments and etc for teachers to conduct research. During the 2007 to 2012 academic year, the overall research output has improved. This improvement can be seen by the increasing number of NSC project grants, the increase in the amount of NSC subsidies received, and the growth in the number of papers published each year. 

In today’s ever-changing environment, it has become a necessity to make flexible changes on the structure and organization within the university. To highlight Tunghai’s solid foundation in the area of humanities and creative design, Tunghai has established the College of Fine Arts and Creative Design in 2007. The college consists of the following departments, Architecture, Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture, Fine Arts, and Music. Also, to meet the needs of the industry and the university’s development, in 2006 the Engineering College has undergone restructuring in its departments. The Engineering College has he following departments: Departments of Industrial Engineering and Enterprise Information, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Environmental Science and Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. With the restructuring of the Engineering College, both the research outputs and industry/university cooperative projects have been increased. 

Besides the above mentioned research areas, Tunghai is also actively promoting conducting integrated inter-disciplinary research projects both within the campus and with the R&D institutions off campus. To prepare for the implementation of inter-disciplinary research projects, Tunghai has revised the regulations and guidelines for establishing teaching, research or service centers in 2007. In 2009, projects can apply to establish temporary university level research centers. 

Therefore, with the need for research and teaching, the duties and the amount of work expected of the office of R&D have significantly increased in recent years. Now, The office of R&D established the four divisions underneath. They were named “University Development Planning Section”, “Academic Research and Assessment Section”, “Industry-Academia Collaboration and Innovation Incubation Center” and “Precision Instrument Center”. In addition of the four divisions, “The Committee of Instrument and Equipment” and 5 university level research centers (Life Science Research Center, Center for Chinese Social and Management Studies, Nanometer Science and Technology Research Center, Center for Tropical Ecology and Biodiversity , Software Engineering and Technology Center) were established under the office of R&D.

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Name Position Responsibility E-mail Ext.
Dr. Hui-Chen Lin Dean,the office of R&D director, In Charge of The Office of R&D hclin@thu.edu.tw 32418
Dr. Yesong Gu Vice dean, The Office of R&D
Executive Secretary, The Committee of lnstrument and Equipment
In Charge of The Office of R&D yegu@thu.edu.tw 32215
Dr. Chi-Hung Lo Industry-Academia Collaboration and Innovation Incubation Center In Charge of The Center of R&D、In Charge of The Project of Ministry of culture chlo@thu.edu.tw 04-23590492-19
Dr. Shu-Ming Hsu Director, University Development Planning Section In Charge of University Development Planning Section sueming@thu.edu.tw 35116
Dr. Chi-Ming Wang Director, Academic Research and Assessment Section Director In Charge of Academic Rresearch and Assessment Section Projects of The Committee of Instrument and Equipment Academic Awards Applications ahriman@thu.edu.tw 36204
Dr. Mingli Hsieh Director, Precision Instrument Center In Charge of Precision Instrument Center mhsieh@thu.edu.tw 32418
Mr. Tsung-Chih Liao Staff, Academic Research and Assessment Section Academic Awards Applications super@thu.edu.tw 30008
Miss. Yu-chung Chang Staff, University Development Planning Section Projects of University Devlopment cyuchung@thu.edu.tw 30009
Miss. Ssu-ying Hsu Staff, University Development Planning Section Projects of University Assessment R&D Administration Works in General hsy@thu.edu.tw 30006
Ms. Ya-Na Li Staff, University Level Research Center Research Center Administration Projects of DAVINCI nydia41026@thu.edu.tw 30004
Ms. Mei-Fen Wang Staff, University Level Research Center Research Center Administration Projects of DAVINCI meifen@thu.edu.tw 30003
Ms.Chun-Mei Li Staff, Precision Instrument Center Center Administration Works in General limei@thu.edu.tw 30045-13
Mr. Meng-Ching
Staff, Academic
Research and Assessment Section
Management of RD Website and ARMS System roger008@thu.edu.tw 30011
Miss. Hui-Ru Li Staff, Academic
Research and Assessment Section
Projects of NSC hrlee@thu.edu.tw 30002
Miss. Yu-Ting Liu Staff, Industry-Academia Collaboration and Innovation Incubation Center Provide information and consultative service on starting an enterprise Project of Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Intellectual Property
christina@thu.edu.tw 30140
Miss. Yuan-Ren Lin Staff, Industry-Academia Collaboration and Innovation Incubation Center Industry-Academia Collaboration Provide information and consultative service on starting an enterprise Project of Ministry of Economic Affairs.  yjlin@thu.edu.tw 30140
Miss. Jing-Jing Lei Staff, The Office of R&D Projects of Adjunct
Research Assistant
leijj@thu.edu.tw 30001